Hard rebus puzzles worksheet

SRebus Puzzles. The following word picture puzzles are pictograms that include a hidden word or a common phrase. Your task is to decipher the rebus puzzles. These rebus puzzles will have TEENs minds boggling. Brain teasers work wonders getting little minds ticking and riddles are quick and always fun to do. Find the common phrase/word represented by images below ? Hide Ads Show Only Worksheet. Rebus Puzzles. Rebus puzzles seem to come in two different types. The first type uses pictures as well as small parts of words that combine into a longer phrase. REBUS PUZZLES Each little rebus puzzle, made of either letters or words, contain a hidden word, phrase, or saying. Here are two examples: ANSWER: Big Bad Wolf. Rebus Generator. Create your own Rebus Puzzle using free online Rebus Maker. Enter any word or phrase in English (for example, rebus): Several of the rebus puzzles on www.fun-with-words.com are used with the kind permission of Terry Stickels whose Frame Games© appear weekly in USA WEEKEND magazine. These are called rebus puzzles. What is a rebus puzzle? Lateral thinking help and hints: How to solve these puzzles. Here's a few more for you to work out. Are you tired of solving easy pictograms? This section of Hard Rebus Brain Teasers has been framed out especially for you. All of them are meant for o IQ Test Labs © 2014: Home | Privacy policy.